Re-mix™ Coloring

Concrete Countertop Color Mix

Re-mix™ Concrete Coloring is made with natural iron oxide pigments. These iron oxides are water soluble, sunfast, limeproof, and fade resistant. Re-mix™ Coloring has been field tested in outdoor and indoor concrete countertops for years. Each bag has been pre-measured for use with Re-mix™ Concrete Countertop mix. One bag of Re-mix™ Color per bag of Re-mix™ Countertop Mix.

Minimum order is 20 bags - Freight included

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Re-mix™ Sealers

Concrete Countertop Sealer

Re-mix™ Sealer is a matte finish. It has excellent resistance to just about everything in the kitchen including, but not limited to: vinegar, wine, hot sauce, oil, muratic acid, permanent markers, and bleach. Re-mix™ Sealer is a single application that will not require additional coatings for the life of your Re-mix™ Concrete Countertop.

Part A and Part B (Combined) = $179.00 (Freight Included)

Place your order online or call 877-750-4730