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Re-mix™ Concrete Countertop Mix is an eco-friendly, cost effective, and a "Superlite" concrete mix designed to be used for concrete countertops. It is 30% lighter in weight than a "standard" concrete mixes and Re-mix™ is a strong, dependable LEED qualifying product developed by a concrete countertop manufacturer and installer. Re-mix™ has been field tested and formulated with the concrete countertop manufacturer and installer in mind. Our concrete countertop mix is easy to use and does not require a polished finished. By adding Re-mix™ Recycled Glass or Re-mix™ Coloring, you can customize the look of the countertop for any application. Re-mix™ Concrete Countertop Mix will work for you, all you need is your imagination (and of course water). Being "Green" does not have to cost you more "Green."